Emmerson recoups losses on Morocco potash plant 

Emmerson recoups losses on Morocco potash plant 

The company continues to strengthen its finances for its mega plant.

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            ▪ Emmerson recoups losses on Morocco potash plant 

▪ The company continues to strengthen its finances for its mega plant.


Late last year, the Potasse de Khemisset management company increased its capital to MD11.55 million by injecting MD6.55 million – bringing it to MD11.55 million – before reducing it to MD5 million. This concertina operation intends to absorb the British company’s initial losses. Emmerson plans to invest $2.5 billion (in total for the next 19 years) in constructing a plant in the town of Khemisset with a production capacity of more than 700 tonnes of muriate of potash per year.

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