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Hospitality & Tourism

27/01/2023 at 17h30, by Africa Business+

Abidjan : Kasada’s advisors on the new Accor hotel combo

The inside story from Africa Business+. 


27/01/2023 at 17h25, by Africa Business+

Djibouti: Final financial overhaul before launch of the wind power plant chaired by Aboubaker Omar Hadi 

The shareholders of Red Sea Power – the company behind Djibouti’s first renewable energy project – are...

Telecoms & Media

27/01/2023 at 16h46, by Africa Business+

IFC injects $40 million into MNT Investments BV to grow MNT-Halan

The new equity investment will support the growth of Dutch company MNT Investments BV, which operates...


27/01/2023 at 16h33, by Africa Business+

Saeed Al-Moallim Group secures $16m agricultural inputs to Nouakchott

The Saudi company has signed contracts worth more than $40 million in Mauritania in the last nine months....

Capital Market & Private Equity

27/01/2023 at 16h28, by Africa Business+

TLG Capital and UGFS target €39m in Tunisia for first North African fund

The Empower Fund, launched by the Tunisian Caisse des dépôts, has completed its first closing. 

Mineral resources

26/01/2023 at 16h54, by Africa Business+

Uranium rise: Bannerman aims for positive investment decision in Namibia

Is yellowcake set for another price spike as seen in 2007, which saw it reach a record $140.75 per pound?


26/01/2023 at 16h24, by Africa Business+

Georges Yao Yao and Yves Dodo leave Grant Thornton to go solo

Two of the principal architects of Grant Thornton’s development in Côte d’Ivoire have set up their own...

Telecoms & Media

26/01/2023 at 16h18, by Africa Business+

Telecoms : VEON in negotiations with Ooredoo  

An exclusive from Africa Business+. 

Mineral resources

26/01/2023 at 16h12, by Africa Business+

Toliara Rare Earths: Base Resources sets March deadline for project’s future

Since November 2019, following the Malagasy government’s decision to suspend Base Resources’ activities...

Telecoms & Media

26/01/2023 at 04h03, by Africa Business+

Niger : Zamani Telecom back up for sale 

In 2022, Zamani Telecom shareholders entered into exclusive negotiations with the Axian Group but failed...

Transport & Logistics

25/01/2023 at 17h49, by Africa Business+

AD Ports banks on Africa against rival DP World

The management company Abu Dhabi (AD) Ports posing as an alternative to the port of Dubai, is following...

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