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02/06/2023 at 16h05, by Africa Business+

La Gazelle d’Or case : Bank of Africa instructs Azzedine Kettani against Ghita Bennis

The Moroccan palace, a famous holiday destination, is at the centre of a legal battle between its director...

Mineral resources

02/06/2023 at 15h55, by Africa Business+

Chad-Cameroon pipeline: N’Djamena overturns appointment of Nicolas de Blanpré as CEO of COTCo

Chad, embroiled in a tug-of-war with Savannah Energy following its takeover of Esso’s assets, has rejected...

Transport & Logistics

02/06/2023 at 15h22, by Africa Business+

Algeria’s Chakib Ziani secures funding for low-cost airline Fly Westaf

Funding, regulation, advice, fleet – find out more with Africa Business+.

Transport & Logistics

02/06/2023 at 14h59, by Africa Business+

Jean-Claude Maillard, CEO of Figeac Aéro: “Morocco will account for around 50% of production under the new contract with Safran”

The French manufacturer, based in Figeac, has just signed a new €80 million contract with Safran Nacelles...


02/06/2023 at 14h49, by Africa Business+

Acquisition of Guinness Cameroon : Castel to invest $7.5m in Douala plant 

Africa Business+ goes behind the scenes of the $460 million Castel-Diageo deal. 

Bank & Insurance

01/06/2023 at 18h15, by Africa Business+

Ecobank launches virtual trade space

According to Africa Business+, the Lomé-based banking group is inaugurating a platform to facilitate...


01/06/2023 at 18h00, by Africa Business+

Sofreco and Afrecom to assist Mauritania’s Somelec

The authorities in Nouakchott are seeking to modernise the state electricity company with the help of...

Transport & Logistics

01/06/2023 at 17h56, by Africa Business+

Luanda’s new airport: Ricardo Viegas de Abreu prepares tender

The Angolan Minister of Transport is drawing up the tender for the concession contract that will govern...

Bank & Insurance

01/06/2023 at 17h43, by Africa Business+

NMB returns to IFC for $100m advance

The Tanzanian bank, partly owned by investment company Arise BV, needs funds to revive itself in the...

Telecoms & Media

01/06/2023 at 13h28, by Africa Business+

Atos and Idemia selected for biometric identity project in Togo 

The project is part of the World Bank’s Standardised Identification Programme for West Africa.


31/05/2023 at 17h24, by Africa Business+

Poultry farming: Senegalese companies Gade-Gui and Couvoir Amar invest in a slaughterhouse

The chicken producer and hatchery specialist is entering a niche where Sedima, Avi Sénégal and Avisen...

Hospitality & Tourism

31/05/2023 at 17h07, by Africa Business+

Marriott, Lesotho’s hotel pioneer, prepares to set up in Maseru

The American chain is breaking new ground by building a hotel in the capital of this small country,...

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