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Bank & Insurance

17/05/2022 at 16h55, by Africa Business+

Uhuru Investment Partners plan a closing at the end of 2022 

The directors, Nana Adow Dankwa, Yemi Osindero and Jean-Michel Kamanan, continue their discussions with...

Health & Education

17/05/2022 at 16h37, by Africa Business+

Exeo Capital expects Chemical Process Technologies to generate $10m in revenues by 2022

The South African investment fund targets animal pharmaceuticals in southern Africa and Latin America. 


17/05/2022 at 15h59, by Africa Business+

Mahmoud Elyes Hamza contracts three Tunisian entities for agricultural works worth $12 million

The Tunisian Minister of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources and Fisheries contracted local companies for...

Mineral resources

17/05/2022 at 15h45, by Africa Business+

Gerald Group’s Marampa Mines negotiates access to Pepel rail and port in Sierra Leone

The ratification by iron ore producer Marampa Mines Ltd (MML) of its Large-Scale Mining Agreement last...


17/05/2022 at 15h39, by Africa Business+

Mauritius Mediation and Arbitration Center targets Chinese clients

The Mediation and Arbitration Center (MARC), specialising in mediation and arbitration procedures, is...


16/05/2022 at 18h20, by Africa Business+

LIFI-LED’s Ange Frédérick Balma seeks €15 million for manufacture unit in Cote d’Ivoire

The 44-year-old local entrepreneur, who harnesses LiFi technology to light up and connect villages, wants...

Capital Market & Private Equity

16/05/2022 at 17h56, by Africa Business+

Alcazar Energy Managing Partner Daniel Calderon prepares for AEP II

The Emirati private equity firm directors are busy raising funds for their second vehicle.


16/05/2022 at 17h31, by Africa Business+

Agribusiness: Alexandre Vilgrain ends tenure at Castel’s Somdiaa

Since 1995, the French CEO has been at the helm of the Castel group subsidiary specialising in the production...

Consumer goods & Retail

13/05/2022 at 17h37, by Africa Business+

FAT Brands CEO Andrew Wiederhorn returns to Africa after closures in Tunisia and Egypt

The billion-dollar American franchisor has set its sights on two North and Central African countries...


13/05/2022 at 17h30, by Africa Business+

Toyota Ventures backs Brilliant Planet CO2 storage units launching in 2024 in Morocco

The British company recently raised $12 million to set up an algae production plant in the Sahara desert...

Telecoms & Media

13/05/2022 at 17h14, by Africa Business+

Cybersecurity specialist ESET to open an office in Abidjan

The Slovakian cybersecurity solutions provider, active in Tunisia and Morocco, wants to expand its presence...

Telecoms & Media

12/05/2022 at 17h46, by Africa Business+

Bankingly plans hubs in Nigeria and Morocco after raising $10 million

The Uruguayan fintech offering digitalisation solutions to banks and microfinance institutions has clients...

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