Transport & Logistics

Egis positions itself for contracts in South Africa, Mauritania, and Congo

The French consulting, engineering and operations company has submitted bids and expressions of interest for several infrastructure...

Bank & Insurance

NSIA : tensions between minority shareholders National Bank of Canada and Amethis Africa Finance

The capital investor is seeking to exit Jean Kacou Diagou’s West African bancassurance group and is antagonising its partner...

Construction & Infra

ONEE disqualifies Abengoa-Engie for Casablanca desalination contract

As anticipated by Africa Business+ this summer, the French-Spanish consortium was excluded by Morocco’s National Office of...

Latest News

Air transport

28/09/2022 at 17h03, by Africa Business+

Egis positions itself for contracts in South Africa, Mauritania, and Congo

The French consulting, engineering and operations company has submitted bids and expressions of interest...


27/09/2022 at 17h12, by Africa Business+

Actis head of energy for MENA Lisa Pinsley : “We want to do more in hydrogen”

The UK private equity firm recently completed a major exit – Lekela – and a similarly sized investment...

Private Equity

27/09/2022 at 17h04, by Africa Business+

Oui Capital’s $30m second fund targets Francophone Africa

Based between the US and Nigeria, the vehicle is looking at French-speaking countries and North Africa.


27/09/2022 at 16h54, by Africa Business+

DLA Piper teams advise Starsight on Solar Africa merger

The merger between Nigeria’s Starsight Energy, led by Tony Carr, and South Africa’s SolarAfrica Energy,...


27/09/2022 at 16h29, by Africa Business+

KCT To Invest US$114 Million In Kribi Container Terminal

More information from Africa Business+.


27/09/2022 at 15h28, by Africa Business+

Côte d’Ivoire’s BNI/CNPS/CDC/CGRAE consortium to complete takeover of Bicici in Paris

The outcome of the sale of the Banque Internationale pour le Commerce et l’Industrie de Côte d’Ivoire...

Exclusive stories

Telecoms & Media

29/09/2022 at 18h02, by Africa Business+

Franck Kié heads up Kaydan Digital and targets data centre market in Côte d’Ivoire

The young subsidiary of the Côte d’Ivoire real estate group wants to take advantage of the rapidly growing...


29/09/2022 at 17h55, by Africa Business+

AMEA Power’s Hussain al-Nowais in talks to secure $75m for Egypt

At the helm of one of the largest photovoltaic projects on the continent, the Dubai-based company is...


28/09/2022 at 19h40, by Africa Business+

Libreville asks Emrald Securities/Africa Bright Securities/BGFI Bourse to arrange bond issue

The operation aims to raise CFAF 175 billion (€266 million), including CFAF 100 billion in cash and CFAF...

Latest Appointments


20/09/2022 at 18h16, by Africa Business+

Bank of Mali: Game of musical chairs with Ouagadougou and Bissau 

According to Africa Business+ sources, Karim Bagayoko, until now at the helm of the Banque de l’Union-Burkina...


16/09/2022 at 09h44, by Africa Business+

Watson Farley & Williams : Rachel Campbell to strengthen Africa team in Paris

Rachel Campbell is a French-speaking project and finance specialist formerly part of the Herbert Smith...


14/09/2022 at 09h55, by Africa Business+

Samir Mezine, new Director General of BICIS (BNP Paribas) in Senegal

According to our sources, Samir Mezine is effectively taking over the management of BICIS, a subsidiary...

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