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01/02/2023 at 18h06, by Africa Business+

Christian Agossa has eyes on UEMOA zone at the helm of Plexus Africa Finance

The Beninese manager, who worked for BOAD and was the CEO of CRRH-UEMOA, will draw on his long-standing...

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31/01/2023 at 18h39, by Africa Business+

Nouakchott, advised by Gide, settles out-of-court with First Quantum’s MCM

Mauritania again selected the French business law firm and opted for a settlement in its Cirdi case against...

Law firm

30/01/2023 at 18h11, by Africa Business+

Africa50 uses Orrick Rambaud Martel as legal advisor for Scanning Systems investment

The pan-African investment platform Africa50 is now a shareholder in the Ivorian company. The Paris team...


26/01/2023 at 16h24, by Africa Business+

Georges Yao Yao and Yves Dodo leave Grant Thornton to go solo

Two of the principal architects of Grant Thornton’s development in Côte d’Ivoire have set up their own...


24/01/2023 at 19h27, by Africa Business+

Imad Haddour: “Inetum wants to exceed 15% growth per year by 2025”

The Tunisia-based Africa director of Inetum, the digital services company formerly known as GFI and acquired...

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20/01/2023 at 16h40, by Africa Business+

DR Congo : Kazadi recruits Malian firm Brysla to regulate gambling sector

The Congolese authorities, eager to strengthen regulations in the sector, called on a West African player...

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18/01/2023 at 19h00, by Africa Business+

Asafo & Co advises multilateral financiers on €154 million Malicounda power plant

The thermal power plant that benefited from a loan from Oragoup should increase Senegal’s electricity...

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17/01/2023 at 15h12, by Africa Business+

Advisers to Gridworks-Virunga Power transaction

The power grid specialist Gridworks, wholly owned by British International Investment (BII), announced...

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11/01/2023 at 16h37, by Africa Business+

Olivier Wybo joins Asafo & Co to develop regulatory expertise in free zones 

The lawyer took up his new position as a partner last week in the Paris office of Pascal Agboyibor’s...


19/12/2022 at 16h02, by Africa Business+

Flash using Verdant Capital to help find investors

The company, developed initially in DR Congo, is in a new phase of expansion.

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16/12/2022 at 17h05, by Africa Business+

KZ & Partners assists Mutandis in the acquisition of Ain Ifrane 

The sale to Mutandis by Société des Boissons du Maroc (SBM), owned by the Castel group, of its subsidiary...


15/12/2022 at 16h59, by Africa Business+

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