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23/05/2023 at 19h24, by Africa Business+

Liberian shipping registry continues upgrading and engages BGR Government Affairs in Washington

The Liberian Registry, managed by the private US company Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry...

Law firm

17/05/2023 at 16h52, by Africa Business+

Zijin and Cominière’s advisors in new arbitration against AVZ Minerals at Manono

In their recent claim before the International Chamber of Commerce, several law firms support the Chinese...

Investment banking

12/05/2023 at 15h59, by Africa Business+

Olivier Kengne Dadjeu (ex-Afriland) targets real estate in Ivory Coast with Smart-Link Capital

According to Africa Business+, the former boss of Afriland First Bank Côte d’Ivoire wants to boost the...

Law firm

11/05/2023 at 20h25, by Africa Business+

Asafo & Co promotes young talents Charlène Ntsiba and Gabin Gabas in Paris office

The two lawyers joined Pascal Agboyibor’s firm in its founding year, 2019.

Law firm

21/04/2023 at 05h32, by Africa Business+

Linklaters advises Proparco and EAIF on financing development of Raxio Data Centres

The two donors have agreed to $73 million, and may possibly add $37 million.


14/04/2023 at 15h02, by Africa Business+


11/04/2023 at 17h25, by Africa Business+

Tunisian Post: Inetum, Bearing Point and 3S selected to support €15 million modernisation

The trio is to optimise the public company’s management, which recently returned to growth. 


05/04/2023 at 18h48, by Africa Business+


05/04/2023 at 16h28, by Africa Business+

Energie du Mali head Koureissi Konaré contracts Gopa Intec and Cedi-Sahel to green thermal power plants

A subsidiary of Engie and Germany’s Fichtner also coveted this market, which is intended to reduce the...

Law firm

04/04/2023 at 15h06, by Africa Business+

Didier Boua Doux sets up Kwaliance in Abidjan

The former partner of the Ivorian branch of ASAFO and CO is going solo.


04/04/2023 at 05h00, by Africa Business+

Damien Ricordeau appoints former HSBC director to strengthen Finergreen’s governance

Alain Renaud takes over the general management of the renewable energy shop, while founder Damien Ricordeau...


03/04/2023 at 19h27, by Africa Business+

Senegal: GIC SA, Bétra and Taep Europe win lucrative contract for road corridors in agricultural areas

African groups are challenging their European counterparts to supervise work in the northern and central...

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