Latest News Agri-food industry

Agri-food industry

14/01/2022 at 17h46, by Africa Business+

Nouakchott pays US$20 million for Toguna and Ameropa to supply fertiliser

Mali’s Toguna teamed up with the Swiss giant to supply the Mauritanian government as tensions persist...

Agri-food industry

07/01/2022 at 11h08, by Africa Business+

Organic Potash Corporation targets production agreement with Palmci despite difficulties  

The Canadian group’s subsidiary in Côte d’Ivoire (OPCIC) has signed an MOU for a cooperation agreement...

Agri-food industry

06/01/2022 at 16h47, by Africa Business+

Abdul Rabiu’s projects for BUA Foods after listing on NGX

According to Africa Business+ sources, the Nigerian billionaire held the vast majority of the company’s...

Agri-food industry

05/01/2022 at 16h22, by Africa Business+

Maouloud Ben Moctar’s Partenaire Agricole selected as Sofitex’s NPK supplier

Sources tell us that the Moroccan OCP Group is supplying the Malian company with the contract.

Agri-food industry

03/01/2022 at 18h05, by Africa Business+

Soufflet Négoce and Antei International compete with local private companies in Mauritania

The pair is competing with Mauritanian business families, who are accustomed to the government authorities...

Agri-food industry

17/12/2021 at 18h53, by Africa Business+

AfDB Chair Akinwumi Adesina set to approve Agropole Centre in Senegal

The AfDB Board of Directors is expected to give its decision about the Senegalese agro-industrial project.

Agri-food industry

10/12/2021 at 18h05, by Africa Business+

Mauritania: Ibrahima Doucouré’s DPA drops agricultural contract, OCP wins €7 million order

In a strained situation, the withdrawal of the Malian company has finally benefited the Moroccan giant.

Agri-food industry

26/11/2021 at 16h31, by Africa Business+

Mauritania: Ibrahim Doucouré’s DPA secures record fertiliser deal

The Malian businessman’s company is extending its reach in the region with a major contract signed with...

Agri-food industry

26/11/2021 at 16h11, by Africa Business+

Sugar: Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA) runs into problems in Ethiopia

The African subsidiary of the multinational has been impacted by the geopolitical crisis.

Agri-food industry

18/11/2021 at 17h02, by Africa Business+

Agri-food industry

09/11/2021 at 18h34, by Africa Business+

Babban Gona seeks $15 million to expand farmer network in Nigeria

The social enterprise chaired by the former governor of the Central Bank is seeking new beneficiaries.

Agri-food industry

04/11/2021 at 19h47, by Africa Business+

DPA, Toguna, Somadeco and others rush for CMDT fertiliser tender

Amid soaring world fertiliser prices, traders and wholesalers in Mali are jockeying for position with...

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