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Agri-food industry

26/09/2022 at 16h40, by Africa Business+

Sale of Solevo by Helios : FMO in the running alongside DPI

The acquisition of the pan-African group is of interest to international donors, who are keen to secure...

Agri-food industry

14/09/2022 at 08h02, by Africa Business+

Eugene Willemsen’s team to spur Pepsi’s African expansion

With the acquisition of Pioneer Foods in 2019, the American food giant has consolidated its activities...


23/08/2022 at 16h08, by Africa Business+

Libs Brasserie launches brewery in Niamey targeting Malian and Gambian markets

The brewer has begun production and marketing of beers from its Nigerian subsidiary Libs Niger.

Agri-food industry

22/08/2022 at 16h32, by Africa Business+

Burkina: Abdoulaye Tall lobbies for SIAO

According to Africa Business+, the Burkinabe minister in charge of trade is intensifying his visits to...


19/08/2022 at 19h25, by Africa Business+

Morocco: Driss Chaouni takes over Zalar Holding

The new head, grandson of the group’s founder Mohammed Chaouni Benabdallah, will continue the expansion...


27/07/2022 at 17h45, by Africa Business+

Compagnie Fruitière’s Africa Express Line orders four vessels from Kitanihon Shipyard

Compagnie Fruitière is renewing half its fleet for its two shipping lines linking West Africa to Northern...

Agri-food industry

27/07/2022 at 17h38, by Africa Business+

New support from IFC and FMO for South African United Exports’ blueberries

Known for its OZblu brand of blueberry, the company is growing rapidly, as is the entire soft fruit market...


25/07/2022 at 18h07, by Africa Business+

Norfund West Africa investment manager Fabrice Mpollo : “We are targeting agribusiness, solar and plastic recycling”

The Norwegian donor has decided to accelerate its activities in Côte d’Ivoire and unveils its new policies...

Agri-food industry

22/07/2022 at 17h19, by Africa Business+

Morocco: the advisors in sale of Bel’s Safilait to Polmlek

Polmlek’s acquisition of the Moroccan dairy company Safilait from the French group Bel is the first major...


19/07/2022 at 17h15, by Africa Business+

Congo: Kore Sintoukola Kola potash mine awaits final costing in August

Backed by Oman’s public fund and Chile’s SQM, the British company Kore Potash Plc, focused on developing...


19/07/2022 at 17h09, by Africa Business+

OCP Africa mobilises 550,000 tonnes of fertiliser for the continent 

The African subsidiary of the Moroccan giant headed by Mostapha Terrab launched an emergency programme...


05/07/2022 at 15h19, by Africa Business+

Africa Criterion Partners looks west after deal with TotalEnergies in Gabon

The company, recently released from its 49% stake in the Compagnie des Bois du Gabon (CBG), looks to...

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