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Automotive distribution

28/11/2022 at 16h56, by Africa Business+

Africar Group’s Auto24 targets West African used-car market in 2023 

Launched in Côte d’Ivoire in the autumn of 2022, Auto24, the company selling second-hand cars to private...

Automobile manufacturing

09/11/2022 at 14h08, by Africa Business+

M Auto signs $5 million carbon financing with Aera

M Auto Electric Mobility, an electric motorbike and tricycle manufacturer and fleet operator led by Shegun...

Automotive distribution

26/08/2022 at 16h44, by Africa Business+

STIMA on EV batteries: “we are talking to several investors in Kenya”

STIMA will rely on financing companies to multiply its EV motorbike batteries


20/06/2022 at 15h05, by Africa Business+

Abou Ghaly Motors in Egypt anticipating financing to strengthen electric fleet

The Egyptian company, the Mercedes, Jeep and Alfa Romeo distributor, plans to strengthen its rental offer...

Automotive distribution

04/04/2022 at 11h43, by Africa Business+

CFAO absorbs equipment manufacturer EIE Group to reinforce presence in South Africa

The operation confirms the interest of the mobility specialist in the southern area, where South Africa...

Automobile manufacturing

19/01/2022 at 17h50, by Africa Business+

Morocco: Somaca factory expansion still on the table

Mohamed Bachiri, the new managing director of Renault Group Morocco, lifts the veil on the car manufacturer’s...

Automobile manufacturing

02/11/2021 at 17h58, by Africa Business+

Dakar recruits South African consultancy for automobile strategy

The government of Senegal has chosen the South African consortium Coega/AIH Group to develop a national...


05/10/2021 at 16h03, by Africa Business+

CFAO Automotive extends footprint in Mozambique

The project, which has been under discussion for a year, was finalised last week, allowing the group...

Automotive distribution

27/09/2021 at 17h29, by Africa Business+

Toyota Tsusho Corp’s plans back in Tunis

Since the spring, the Japanese company has been planning its return to the capital and has targeted several...

Automotive distribution

03/09/2021 at 16h40, by Africa Business+

CFAO Automotive reactivates company in Madagascar 

The automotive group will reactivate two projects on the island, where it has been the official distributor...


12/05/2021 at 19h14, by Africa Business+

Tunisian tenors Ferchiou, Jeribi, Maktouf and El Air mobilised in Loukil/Stellantis dispute

A former minister, two reputable business law firms—and even lawyers who count Ziad Takieddine and relatives...


08/12/2020 at 17h37, by Africa Business+

Mike Whitfield and the team leading Nissan in Africa

The South African is poised to oversee all continental operations. Despite the global crisis, Africa...

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