Latest News Construction & Infrastructure

Construction & Infrastructure

26/07/2022 at 16h29, by Africa Business+

Casablanca desalination contract : Abengoa-Engie duo off to a bad start

The Spanish company Abengoa is currently undergoing a judicial liquidation procedure, increasing the...

Construction & Infrastructure

22/07/2022 at 17h00, by Africa Business+

ALSF approaches Africa50 on the road-rail bridge project between the two Congos

The legal organisation will support the construction of this infrastructure linking the Republic of Congo...

Capital Market & Private Equity

19/07/2022 at 17h21, by Africa Business+

Africa50 welcomes Cape Verde as new shareholder

The investment platform now has 32 shareholders. Tanzania should be next.

Construction & Infrastructure

13/07/2022 at 16h42, by Africa Business+

Egypt’s EGAAD to inaugurate Antananarivo bureau to promote its contracts

The Egyptian African Arab Co. For Development (EGAAD) is making headway in Madagascar.

Construction & Infrastructure

11/07/2022 at 15h53, by Africa Business+

MSC and China Merchants Holdings prepare expansion of port of Lomé

While the Italian-Swiss MSC is taking over the ports branch of the Bolloré Group, it has not forgotten...

Construction & Infrastructure

06/07/2022 at 17h50, by Africa Business+

Bolloré invests in Moroni Terminal as China Road and Bridge Corp’s new port contract struggles

The French group continues to modernise the port of Moroni, on Grande Comore, with a new programme worth...

Construction & Infrastructure

01/07/2022 at 12h23, by Africa Business+

CGPS head Mouni Naré signs contract with Loryne on €15m Trans-Saharan fibre optic corridor

The Burkinabe duo is back on the interconnection project between Niger, Algeria, Nigeria and Chad via...

Office Accommodation

01/07/2022 at 12h17, by Africa Business+

Absa secures record funding for housing programmes in South Africa

The South African bank was awarded the first ESG-certified social financing worth €120 million, denominated...

Construction & Infrastructure

22/06/2022 at 15h40, by Africa Business+

Kinshasa relaunches Malaku SEZ with Guangdong Provincial Changda Highway Engineering and Ray Group

After ousting Luc Gérard Nyafé’s group from the project, the Congolese authorities decided to continue...


21/06/2022 at 16h54, by Africa Business+

GuarantCo guarantees €36 million to Cameroon’s 14 toll stations project

The British company replaced the French company Proparco, which withdrew following a disagreement with...

Construction & Infrastructure

21/06/2022 at 16h22, by Africa Business+

How the EGAAD consortium finances its Great Kasai projects

The Egyptian African Arab Co. for Development (EGAAD), created to “build Africa by Africans”, brings...

Building materials

13/06/2022 at 16h46, by Africa Business+

Liberia: Fouta cement grinding plant gets IFC/IDA financing

The materials importer and trader will benefit from three loans from the IFC and IDA for a $43 million...

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