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Consumer goods & Retail

19/09/2023 at 14h13, by Africa Business+

Consumer goods & Retail

19/09/2023 at 14h05, by Africa Business+

Consumer goods & Retail

11/09/2023 at 16h50, by Africa Business+

Following its acquisition by the Moroccan group Safari, CBA Meubles (formerly Demeyere) replenishes its capital 

Now moored to the Lamrani family group, the French kit furniture specialist is trying to overcome its...

Consumer goods

31/08/2023 at 15h26, by Africa Business+

Franck Rouquet replaces Pascal Bordeaux as head of CFAO Retail Côte d’Ivoire

He will oversee the development in the country of both the Carrefour and Superco chains as well as the...

Large-scale distribution

26/07/2023 at 15h50, by Africa Business+

Egyptian discounter Kazyon takes on Moroccan market

The supermarket chain is relying on a panel of leading investors to achieve this.

Consumer goods & Retail

25/07/2023 at 15h30, by Africa Business+

Textiles: New hearing scheduled for early 2024 on the recovery of Madagascar’s assets by the De Sutters

The De Sutters have taken legal action in France to recover the funds ordered by the ICSID arbitration...

Large-scale distribution

05/07/2023 at 15h06, by Africa Business+

Failed takeover of Vindémia by Casino: ECP funds’ claims dismissed

In June, the Paris Court of Appeal upheld the rejection of the claims of two funds managed by Emerging...

Large-scale distribution

14/06/2023 at 17h15, by Africa Business+

Mitsui seeks $50 million to back Kenyan B2B startup Kyosk 

After taking a minority stake in the startup launched by one of Jumia’s co-founders last April, the...

Consumer goods

05/06/2023 at 14h04, by Africa Business+

Karim Tazi opens Côte d’Ivoire’s first bleaching plant

Despite the turmoil surrounding his bedding business in the country, the Moroccan businessman has no...

Large-scale distribution

17/05/2023 at 16h59, by Africa Business+

Auchan Retail creates an African division   

The French retailer is set to launch in Algeria, its third African market, in the last quarter of 2023...

Large-scale distribution

12/05/2023 at 15h51, by Africa Business+

Unilever Côte d’Ivoire: Arona Diop takes over from Tim Kleinebenne

The change comes as the Anglo-Dutch giant’s Ivorian subsidiary, a hub for French-speaking West African...

Consumer goods & Retail

26/04/2023 at 16h25, by Christelle Marot

Sunda Group seeks $100m to expand in Africa

The Chinese company has turned to the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in support of its consumer...

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