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Large-scale distribution

17/09/2022 at 08h39, by Africa Business+

Large-scale distribution

08/09/2022 at 20h09, by Africa Business+

Radical overhaul planned for Monoprix Tunisia (Mabrouk Group)

The Mabrouk Group is currently assessing whether to seize the chance to delist SNMVT Monoprix with a...

Consumer goods & Retail

01/09/2022 at 16h48, by Africa Business+

Consumer goods

15/07/2022 at 15h38, by Africa Business+

Herbert Smith, Lacourte and Gide leading sale of Guinness Cameroon to SABC 

The sale by the British Diageo of its Cameroonian subsidiary to the local branch of the Castel group...

Consumer goods

11/07/2022 at 16h20, by Africa Business+

CFAO seizes opportunity as Bernard Hayot draws a line under Leaders Price stores in Côte d’Ivoire

The CFAO Group, already well established in the Côte d’Ivoire capital, is taking over the business of...

Consumer goods

06/07/2022 at 16h58, by Africa Business+

Italy’s Sisal in race for betting and gambling market in Tunisia

According to Africa Business+ sources, Sisal, the Italian betting company headed by Francesco Durante,...

Consumer goods

28/06/2022 at 16h14, by Africa Business+

DEG and Proparco invest $52 million in Naivas International

Alongside the Mauritian conglomerate IBL Group, the two development institutions, subsidiaries of KfW...


28/06/2022 at 15h14, by Africa Business+

Dislog targets acquisitions in France and IPO in Casablanca

Africa Business+ spoke to group president Moncef Belkhayat.

Agri-food industry

28/06/2022 at 14h06, by Africa Business+

Coca-Cola gets IFC support for Morocco, Algeria and Ghana

Spanish-owned bottler ECCBC will benefit from a total of €70 million in loans to develop its operations...

Consumer goods

22/06/2022 at 16h29, by Africa Business+

Karim Amrani takes over management of BUT shop in Madagascar

After Yaoundé, the French furniture retailer will open its first 2,800 m2 franchise shop in Tananarive...

Consumer goods

20/06/2022 at 14h51, by Africa Business+

Ismael Belkhayat and Sophia Alj seek €30 million for Chari

Elected “disrupter of the year” at the last Africa CEO Forum held in Abidjan from 13 to 14 June, the...

Consumer goods & Retail

10/06/2022 at 13h38, by Africa Business+

AF Legal Services’ Allia Skalli and RBB’s Mohamed Boughaleb advise Chari on Diago takeover

Ismael Belkhayat, a co-founder of the website with Sophia Alj, continues to develop the local...

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