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Renewable energies

20/04/2021 at 18h25, by Africa Business+

Mali: GCA appeals to the project donor AfDB after being ousted from the Djenné electricity contract

The Burkinabè group seeks to defend its case with the Pan-African institution after the failure of a...


19/04/2021 at 18h10, by Africa Business+

Siengui Ki calls for a new EOI to study for Côte d’Ivoire–Liberia power interconnection project

The Burkinabè Secretary-General of the West African Power Pool has again called for expressions of interest...


16/04/2021 at 17h01, by Africa Business+

Radhi Meddeb’s Comete Engineering wins feasibility study tender for the Italy-Tunisia interconnection

The Tunisian engineering group has won the feasibility studies tender for the ambitious project, which...


15/04/2021 at 16h13, by Africa Business+

Mohamed Ammar secures €290 million to strengthen STEG’s electricity network

The Tunisian public company launched a call for tenders with funding from several donors.


14/04/2021 at 15h25, by Africa Business+

Renewable energies

14/04/2021 at 15h09, by Africa Business+

Aera Group wins DR Congo contract

The environmental certificate trader acquired new credits in the east of the country for $7.7 million.

Renewable energies

13/04/2021 at 19h17, by Africa Business+

Otmane Hajji’s GreenYellow attracts FMO €21 million for Ouagadougou power plant

The Dutch lessor drew on two of its dedicated energy vehicles for this operation.


08/04/2021 at 17h09, by Africa Business+

ONEE receives €5 million after Energie Électrique de Tahaddart completes a 15% buy-back

According to Jeune Afrique Business + sources, the power plant’s shareholders, including German conglomerate...


06/04/2021 at 19h09, by Africa Business+

Will solar business pick up for Nareva after wind power foray during Bakkoury era?

Having failed in its attempt to position itself in solar, Nareva may see luck turned in its favour following...


01/04/2021 at 18h53, by Africa Business+

Indian-owned MEC and UPTL oust Engie, Sinohydro and Steg on Guinean-Malian electricity interconnection project

Mohan Energy Corporation has won a 50 km electrification contract, one of the multiple lots in the two...


29/03/2021 at 16h50, by Africa Business+

Ethiopia: Thierry Déau of Meridiam and Icelandic partner secure guarantee for Tulu Moye

Through its joint venture, the two investors obtained a MIGA guarantee for their equity contributions...


26/03/2021 at 18h22, by Africa Business+

TSK appoints new pilot for Eranove Abidjan Atinkou plant

The Emerging Capital Partners (EPC) contract for the plant (400 MW) was awarded to an engineer who has...

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