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Hotel business

20/09/2023 at 15h28, by Africa Business+

Mossadeck Bally appoints Azalaï teams in Dakar and Ouagadougou 

The two Azalaï hotels scheduled to open before the end of 2023 now each have a manager. 

Hotel business

29/08/2023 at 16h08, by Africa Business+

Marc Descrozaille leaves Accor to join global coworking leader IWG

The now ex-COO Africa of the French hotel giant, a sector in which he has been active for over two decades,...

Hotel business

27/06/2023 at 16h04, by Africa Business+

Accor targets Morocco, Tunisia and Cape Verde to expand Rixos luxury all-inclusive concept 

Egypt is currently the only country where the brand is present on the African continent. 

Hotel business

12/06/2023 at 12h52, by Africa Business+

Jérôme Rotrou to lead two additional Accor hotels in Abidjan

Jérôme Rotrou, who already manages the prestigious Sofitel Ivoire, will also be in charge of two future...

Hotel business

31/05/2023 at 17h07, by Africa Business+

Marriott, Lesotho’s hotel pioneer, prepares to set up in Maseru

The American chain is breaking new ground by building a hotel in the capital of this small country,...

Hospitality & Tourism

31/05/2023 at 14h35, by Africa Business+

Mohammed VI’s Royal Mansour entrusts reorganisation to Abdelkader Boukhriss

The hotel group owned by the King of Morocco is in the process of reorganising its management. 

Hotel business

24/05/2023 at 20h05, by Africa Business+

Kasada seeks three MIGA guarantees for hotel projects in Côte d’Ivoire, Rwanda and Senegal worth $75m

The programme for the construction, acquisition and refurbishment of hotels in sub-Saharan Africa led...

Hotel business

29/03/2023 at 15h20, by Africa Business+

After three hotels in Tana, Radisson sets sights on Nosy Be 

The hotel group wants to position itself in the beach segment one year after its triple opening in Madagascar.  

Hotel business

13/02/2023 at 18h55, by Africa Business+

MIGA extends $38m support to Kasada in Nigeria 

The World Bank’s guarantee agency will cover the investment in the Southern Sun Hotel, located in the...

Hotel business

27/01/2023 at 17h30, by Africa Business+

Abidjan : Kasada’s advisors on the new Accor hotel combo

The inside story from Africa Business+. 

Hotel business

18/01/2023 at 18h52, by Africa Business+

Centaurus’ Jean-Bernard Falco joins Pedro Novo in €500m hotel fund for Africa

Pedro Novo, having left his position as “executive director, director in charge of export activities”...

Hotel business

18/01/2023 at 16h00, by Africa Business+

Kasada secures MIGA guarantee for its four-star Nairobi facility

Following the acquisition of the Kenyan Crowne Plaza Nairobi hotel for $38 million in July 2022, Olivier...

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