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03/10/2022 at 15h00, by Pierre-Olivier Rouaud

Bernard Peille, managing director, Alstom South Africa: « Alstom is positioning itself on the opening of the rail freight market »

Bernard Peille, with whom we met at the Innotrans trade fair in Berlin, tells Africa Business+ exclusively...


23/09/2022 at 15h42, by Pierre-Olivier Rouaud

Suez still determined to lead reintegration of Lydec

The Moroccan authorities have yet to give the green light for Suez to take over the water and electricity...


22/09/2022 at 15h48, by Africa Business+

France signs financing agreement for rolling stock for phase 2 of the Dakar TER

Alstom will supply seven additional Coradia Régiolis trains as part of the line extension, which will...


17/09/2022 at 08h40, by Africa Business+


13/09/2022 at 07h41, by Christelle Marot

Catherine MacGregor, CEO of ENGIE, expected in Morocco as MoU signatory

According to our information, the head of the French energy group is expected to visit the Kingdom of...


06/09/2022 at 20h22, by Africa Business+

Mira Cement aims for a 35% share of the Cameroonian market 

The Lebanese-Chinese cement company has set this goal after investing nearly 30 billion CFA francs to...


01/09/2022 at 13h42, by Africa Business+

Loïc Jaegert-Huber succeeds Philippe Miquel as regional and financial manager of ENGIE North Africa

Based in Casablanca, the new regional manager will be responsible for developing a roadmap focusing on...


30/08/2022 at 17h49, by Africa Business+

US ePac Flexible Packaging to open first plant in Africa in Ghana

The packaging plant in Accra will be managed by Ghanaian Victor Sosah, CEO, and Velda Sosah, CFO of ePac...


29/08/2022 at 17h41, by Africa Business+

Ecobank : inside Meinna Gwet’s team and the structuring of Adétikopé’s financing

Ecobank, eager to position itself in logistics on the continent, has chosen to write a large cheque for...


22/08/2022 at 16h57, by Africa Business+

Greenwood, Poncet and Drymer assigned to arbitration between HeidelbergCement and Cairo

Less than a year after registering the case, the tribunal was set up to find a solution to the dispute. 


18/08/2022 at 15h18, by Africa Business+

Abdul Samad Rabiu seeking $500 million for Kalambaina cement plant

The Nigerian tycoon turns to international financing institutions to raise funds.


29/07/2022 at 18h35, by Africa Business+

Top Sitafer CEO Shangguan Yong Jin invests $43 million in concrete iron plant expansion

Chinese businessman Shangguan Yong Jin, CEO, Top Sitafer SA, recently obtained approval from the Mauritanian...

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