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Land transport

21/07/2022 at 17h28, by Africa Business+

China’s CRBC may pull off a double on the Achemim–N’Beiket Lehwach corridor

CRBC appealed the cancellation of Lot 2, awarded to the public construction company ATTM, bringing an...

Construction & Infrastructure

12/05/2022 at 15h24, by Africa Business+

CRBC joins ATTM on $25.56 million Achemim – N’Beiket Lehwach road project

The Chinese company and ATTM, the Mauritanian civil engineering subsidiary of Societe Nationale Industrielle...


11/05/2022 at 15h45, by Africa Business+

CIRA President Seydou Coulibaly loses Bamako-Dakar corridor project to ACE Ingénieurs Conseils

The Malian firm, active in some 20 countries on the continent through its five subsidiaries, will not...

Construction & Infrastructure

28/04/2022 at 16h42, by Africa Business+

China’s CRSG ousts Soroubat, Eiffage and Colas on the Louga-Keur Momar Sarr corridor contract

The subsidiary of China Railway Engineering Corporation (CRECG) continues its aggressive campaign on...

Land transport

01/04/2022 at 15h12, by Africa Business+

French company Heetch to operate in Abidjan and Kinshasa 

The VTC service is again targeting the continent’s cities after its latest breakthrough in Luanda at...

Land transport

23/03/2022 at 16h29, by Africa Business+

Chinese construction heavyweights dominate Kampala’s road rehabilitation projects

China Railway Construction and Zhejiang Jiangshan Chem are working with CSCEC on the Ugandan capital’s...

Land transport

17/03/2022 at 18h19, by Africa Business+

CSCEC outperforms its many compatriots on Kampala road rehabilitation 

China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) won the first batch of work on the Kampala Roads...

Land transport

09/03/2022 at 18h51, by Africa Business+


23/02/2022 at 15h44, by Africa Business+

Backed by Ekuity Capital, Wallyscar aims to be profitable next year

The Tunisian car manufacturer owned by the Guiga brothers has commissioned its second factory with the...

Land transport

22/02/2022 at 16h13, by Africa Business+

Russia’s Yandex on the offensive in Africa opens new base in Abidjan

Following the recent purchase of Uber’s stakes in various companies, the Russian group aims for $1 billion...

Land transport

19/01/2022 at 16h42, by Africa Business+

Agadir BRT: Louis Baudrand’s STAM and GTR – Colas – follow NGE with $37.4 million contract

Two companies are taking part in the high-speed bus project, intended to relieve congestion in the Moroccan...

Land transport

18/01/2022 at 16h06, by Africa Business+

EIB to lend €150 million for Nairobi BRT project

After an initial commitment in 2019, the European institution is set to cover half of the needs of line...

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