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Land transport

26/05/2023 at 18h37, by Africa Business+

Jules Samain, CEO of Spiro electric motorbikes: “We have passed the million battery exchange milestone, and we are planning to raise further funds”

Launched barely a year ago, Spiro is now the leader in electric mobility in Africa, with 7,000 two-wheelers...

Land transport

16/05/2023 at 16h16, by Africa Business+

The CCECC-Sotracom duo beats Colas Afrique and Covec on Senegal’s RN 2 

After multi-billion contracts in Nigeria, the Chinese group continues to make its mark in West Africa.

Land transport

12/04/2023 at 16h00, by Africa Business+

Covec and Mamadou Konaté (EGK) take over $48 million Bamako-Koulikoro road corridor

The China Overseas Engineering Group (Covec) and Entreprise Générale Mamadou Konaté (EGK) have won the...

Construction & Infrastructure

12/04/2023 at 15h51, by Africa Business+

Arise exits discreetly from the Transgabonaise 

Gugan Gupta’s group quietly withdrew from this strategic road project in Gabon, leaving Meridiam alone...

Land transport

31/03/2023 at 15h12, by Africa Business+

€348m Nairobi BRT: European donors push for fares close to informal transport prices

The Nairobi Core Bus Rapid Transit Line 3 (BRT 3) project is being financed by the European Investment...

Land transport

23/03/2023 at 17h21, by Africa Business+

Ingerop, Novec and Atelier 1 on the move in Marrakech for the €2.3 million BHNS project

The city hopes to quickly develop its high-quality bus service by winning this contract. It will be...

Land transport

15/03/2023 at 22h59, by Africa Business+

Heetch innovates with a new business in Africa

Faced with fierce competition from private hire vehicle (PHV) services on the continent, the French...

Land transport

23/02/2023 at 17h56, by Africa Business+

Transgabonaise : Meridiam seeks to secure committed funds

As the rehabilitation of Gabon’s longest road continues, the company led by Thierry Déau is asking for...

Land transport

21/12/2022 at 16h06, by Africa Business+

Cegelec and Hideleco/ESB win electrification of southern Mauritania over Chinese and Turks

The Egyptian giant Hideleco, its Mauritanian partner ESB and the French company Cegelec have confirmed...

Land transport

15/12/2022 at 16h46, by Africa Business+

Dakar: EIB provides €167m for bus network 

After supporting the BRT, the European financial institution will lend €167 million to Senegal for the...

Land transport

15/12/2022 at 15h48, by Africa Business+

Amethis becomes a 30.5% shareholder in Omar El Kadiri’s Globex Group

The French investment fund manager, led by Luc Rigouzzo and Laurent Demey, is entering as a minority...

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