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Construction & Infrastructure

04/11/2020 at 17h48, by Africa Business+

Tshisekedi renews his trust in China Railway Group Limited

Highly active in the country for the past ten years, the company has won two new road contracts amounting...

Construction & Infrastructure

20/10/2020 at 16h34, by Pierre-Olivier Rouaud

Spanish Treasury set to finance Alstom’s Casablanca tramway contract

Jeune Afrique Business+ reveals the details of the rolling stock contract for the forthcoming T3 and...

Land transport

07/10/2020 at 15h39, by Africa Business+

FMO reaffirms faith in SA Taxi with $15m anti-Covid loan

The Dutch funder has now supported the private taxi lender to the tune of $40m.

Construction & Infrastructure

25/09/2020 at 16h01, by Africa Business+

Algiers metro renationalisation not (yet) affecting RATP’s large tramway contracts

This setback for RATP, which wanted to continue operating the metro, comes at a time when the group has,...

Land transport

23/09/2020 at 16h47, by Aurelie Benoit

Heetch, first VTC operator to get on the road in Angola

The company, which competes with Careem (Uber) in the Maghreb, plans to open its first market south of...

Land transport

10/09/2020 at 20h09, by Gaëlle Arenson

Land transport

23/07/2020 at 15h49, by Africa Business+

Alsa, sole contender for urban transport concession in Kenitra, Morocco

Capitalising on inroads into Morocco, the Spanish company is well positioned to win the contract intended...

Land transport

29/06/2020 at 16h38, by Aurelie Benoit

With Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project, Razel-Bec inks its first construction contract in Addis Ababa

The Fayat group subsidiary will carry out the construction of the Ethiopian capital’s first BRT line.

Land transport

20/04/2020 at 16h47, by Africa Business+

Sofreco selected to carry out studies for future Abidjan-Lagos corridor highway

With a solid footing in West Africa, the Paris-based consultancy firm Sofreco has been awarded a €2.4m...

Land transport

09/04/2020 at 17h08, by Aurelie Benoit

Addis Ababa Bus Rapid Transit: Korea Eximbank follows AFD’s lead

The Ethiopian government has just approved financing with the Asian bank for its bus rapid transit project...

Land transport

02/04/2020 at 16h32, by Valentin Grille

Advised by Udo Udoma & Belo-Osagie, Ekocab is looking to raise $40m

The Nigerian start-up, launched in 2017, has attracted Lagos state taxis to its ride-hailing platform...

Land transport

23/03/2020 at 16h07, by Valentin Grille

Bourem-Kidal road: details of the AfDB financing package

The Malian government has finalised the financing for this section of the trans-Saharan road with the...

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