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Large-scale distribution

17/05/2023 at 16h59, by Africa Business+

Auchan Retail creates an African division   

The French retailer is set to launch in Algeria, its third African market, in the last quarter of 2023...

Large-scale distribution

12/05/2023 at 15h51, by Africa Business+

Unilever Côte d’Ivoire: Arona Diop takes over from Tim Kleinebenne

The change comes as the Anglo-Dutch giant’s Ivorian subsidiary, a hub for French-speaking West African...

Large-scale distribution

31/03/2023 at 16h40, by Africa Business+

Real estate: Mulliez family’s Nhood targets Côte d’Ivoire

The property company of the Mulliez family, owners of the Auchan group, will soon be present in the...

Large-scale distribution

30/03/2023 at 16h36, by Africa Business+

IBL’s team to support expansion on the African continent

To support its internationalisation strategy, the diversified Mauritian group, led by Arnaud Lagesse...

Large-scale distribution

02/03/2023 at 18h38, by Africa Business+

Coffee: Ben Yedder and Cafés Bondin position themselves on future international purchase contracts

The subsidiaries of Amen Group, owned by Nabil Ben Yedder, want to end the state monopoly on coffee.

Large-scale distribution

23/02/2023 at 18h10, by Africa Business+

Mabrouk Group still wants to delist Monoprix Tunisia

After the failure of the Mabrouk group’s takeover, which resulted in only gaining an extra 3% in the...

Large-scale distribution

30/01/2023 at 17h50, by Africa Business+

HC Capital Properties plans three shopping centres in Côte d’Ivoire in 2024-2025

The real estate developer and investor is behind the construction of an enormous shopping complex in...

Large-scale distribution

13/01/2023 at 19h39, by Africa Business+

CFAO Retail Cameroon : Philippe Marcillon takes over from Luc Demez  

Luc Demez has been the general manager of CFAO Retail in Cameroon since September 2015, on secondment...

Agri-food industry

21/12/2022 at 13h24, by Africa Business+

Kadji group’s UCB on the offensive in purchase of Guinness Cameroon by Castel 

The brewery company has referred the matter to the CEMAC Community Competition Council to obtain information...

Large-scale distribution

21/10/2022 at 14h40, by Africa Business+

Riad Laissaoui, CEO, Retail Holding (LabelVie, CDCI Côte d’Ivoire) : “We plan to invest €100 million” 

Retail Holding (LabelVie Group) plans to invest €100 million by 2027. The parent company of the LabelVie...

Large-scale distribution

17/09/2022 at 08h39, by Africa Business+

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