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Oil & Gas

05/12/2022 at 22h47, by Africa Business+

Sonangol taps the bond market in an unprecedented $150m deal

The Angolan state-owned oil company has never resorted to issuing debt on the market. It wants to attract...

Oil & Gas

07/11/2022 at 20h07, by Pierre-Olivier Rouaud

Kosmos expects Grand Tortue Ahmeyim on stream by the end of 2023

Texas’ Kosmos, the BP group, which has a majority stake in the project, and the national companies Petrosen...

Oil & Gas

26/10/2022 at 16h00, by Africa Business+

Vaalco CEO George Maxwell: “We will maximise production in Egypt and Gabon. »

The head of the Texas-based oil junior told Africa Business+ about the recent merger with Transglobe...


06/10/2022 at 15h29, by Africa Business+

Actis to exit from another energy platform following BTE Renewables 

It is a gas platform in Africa, but the capital investor did not wish to comment further.

Oil & Gas

22/09/2022 at 12h43, by Africa Business+

Zenith Energy’s Andrea Cattaneo pushes back third listing and looks at block in Benin

The oil company, specialising in reviving declining or stalled assets, is hoping to gain a foothold in...

Oil & Gas

06/09/2022 at 20h20, by Africa Business+

Petro Ivoire : Vantage Capital to exit earlier than planned

The fund had accompanied the rise of the founders in the capital of the oil distributor.

Oil & Gas

31/08/2022 at 16h20, by Africa Business+

Who’s assisting Kinshasa in call for tenders for oil and gas blocks?

The Congolese authorities, determined to develop the potential of their sedimentary basin, launched calls...

Oil & Gas

28/07/2022 at 17h50, by Africa Business+

Abdessalam Mohamed contracts IN-VR for GTA project communication

With a year to go before the GTA gas project straddling Mauritania and Senegal is due to come on stream,...

Oil & Gas

28/07/2022 at 17h21, by Africa Business+

CNPS’ Denis Charles Kouassi finalises acquisition of 15.5% of Pétro Ivoire

The social welfare institution of Côte d’Ivoire has recovered the remaining shares of the fund Amethis...


18/07/2022 at 15h37, by Africa Business+

Puma Energy invests $46 million in LPG for domestic use in Africa

The investment is part of the new climate policy of the oil distribution subsidiary of the Swiss trader...

Oil & Gas

15/07/2022 at 15h03, by Africa Business+

Kinshasa pre-selects majors – SAPREF (Shell/BP) and YASREF (Aramco/Sinopec) – for $55m hydrocarbons contract

Backed by the Budget Ministry, which authorised a restricted call for tenders for the supply of petroleum...

Oil & Gas

12/05/2022 at 15h21, by Africa Business+

Dieudonné Bougne prepares for Bocom expansion

The Cameroonian businessman is considering a plan to expand his storage sites in parallel with extending...

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