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Oil & Gas

12/05/2022 at 15h21, by Africa Business+

Dieudonné Bougne prepares for Bocom expansion

The Cameroonian businessman is considering a plan to expand his storage sites in parallel with extending...

Oil & Gas

10/05/2022 at 16h05, by Africa Business+

Who is behind Super Star Forwarders, Bolloré’s partner on the EACOP contract in East Africa?

Bolloré Logistics was awarded the logistics services contract for the East African Crude Oil Pipeline...

Oil & Gas

06/05/2022 at 19h55, by Africa Business+

BP on gas for EU: « We are looking at how GTA Phase 2 can help »

Over the past year, the rise in oil prices accelerated by the outbreak of war in Ukraine in early 2022...


28/04/2022 at 16h28, by Africa Business+

Rigobert Andely appoints Citi and Deutsche Bank for Congo’s new Eurobond

The government has been preparing its first sovereign issue on the international capital markets since...

Oil & Gas

27/04/2022 at 15h23, by Africa Business+

Contango Trading pursues legal dispute with South Africa’s Strategic Fuel Fund 

The French commodities trading company, controlled by Natixis bank, is unwilling to turn the page on...

Oil & Gas

08/04/2022 at 18h43, by Africa Business+

Sonangol awards tenders to Afentra, Namcor, Sequa, Petrolog, Somoil and Sirius

Angola’s national hydrocarbon company launched a tender on 20 September 2021 for the partial transfer...

Oil & Gas

06/04/2022 at 16h40, by Africa Business+

Shell’s payments to Nigeria increase, assets sale lingers on

The major’s taxes and royalties rose by 38% in 2021 in the West African jurisdiction, while an environmental...

Oil & Gas

06/04/2022 at 14h48, by Africa Business+

Vaalco to submit FID to Malabo, looks for joint ventures opportunities

Africa Business+ spoke to the CEO of the NYSE-listed oil company.

Oil & Gas

29/03/2022 at 15h56, by Africa Business+

Oxy pays $170 million in Ghanean taxes to divest local operations

The authorities agreed to the $750 million transaction on the condition that the balance of tax arrears...

Oil & Gas

25/03/2022 at 14h51, by Africa Business+

Abdessalam Mohamed signs agreement with Oryx Energies to avoid stock shortage 

The tender for the annual supply contract of petroleum products to Mauritania was cancelled last month.

Oil & Gas

17/03/2022 at 17h53, by Africa Business+

Carlyle secures $100m insurance claim related to Moroccan refiner Samir 

In 2015, the US investment fund agreed to finance more than $350 million in crude oil purchases, weeks...


15/03/2022 at 17h30, by Africa Business+

Sherpa’s advisers against Perenco uncovered, association prepares action on the merits

Supported by its lawyers, the association that fights economic and environmental crimes alongside Friends...

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