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Private Equity

20/09/2023 at 15h05, by Africa Business+

AIIM’s Kalil, Ntoi and Lawson in DFC’s good graces

The South African fund manager received a firm commitment from the other side of the Atlantic.

Construction & Infrastructure

19/09/2023 at 16h21, by Africa Business+

Meridiam moves its captains to Dakar, Libreville and Addis Ababa 

A game of musical chairs for some of the continent’s private equity managers.

Private Equity

15/09/2023 at 13h56, by Africa Business+

Matouk Bassiouny advises AfricInvest on its operation in Egypt

The management fund enlisted the help of a private equity expert based in Cairo and got closer to the...

Private Equity

13/09/2023 at 21h38, by Africa Business+

Salt Capital completes first transaction through Salt Equity 1 Fund

The London-based private equity firm, which has been in business for 10 years, is continuing to raise...

Private Equity

13/09/2023 at 05h00, by Africa Business+

Joliba Capital attracts IFC, FMO, Proparco and LBO France for its first closing

According to Africa Business+, Joliba Capital, a private equity firm targeting African SMEs, has just...

Private Equity

11/09/2023 at 20h15, by Africa Business+

Daniel Calderon (Alcazar Energy Partners), close to securing American support for his second fund

After selling all its first fund’s assets to Chinese giant, Three Gorges, the investment manager, led...

Private Equity

07/09/2023 at 18h55, by Africa Business+

Adenia on course for a hard cap for its fifth fund

A first transaction is currently being closed and the fund expects to reach an all-time high.

Private Equity

04/09/2023 at 16h36, by Africa Business+

Asad Mahmood and Michael Rauenhorst (SIMA) are hoping to ride the C&I wave through a dedicated fund

Two former Deutsche Bank executives, who have been involved in impact investing since 2016, are launching...

Private Equity

04/09/2023 at 16h35, by Africa Business+

Meridiam activates its TURF fund in Africa with its first operation in Nouakchott

The Tricolour impact investor has signed a contract with the local authorities to develop and protect...

Private Equity

01/09/2023 at 17h25, by Africa Business+

Launch Africa Ventures appoints new partner Hannah Subayi Kamuanga previously with Proparco

This private equity specialist has joined the ranks of the venture capital firm, which is preparing...

Private Equity

01/09/2023 at 15h49, by Africa Business+

The European Investment Bank about to commit (again) to Amethis

Already a subscriber to its previous vehicles, the bank is ready to go back to the drawing board in...

Private Equity

28/08/2023 at 15h36, by Africa Business+

Camco launches a new vehicle for solar C&I in Africa

The impact fund manager investing in commercial and industrial (C&I) solar projects is raising funds...

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