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15/03/2023 at 23h20, by Christelle Marot

DLA Piper and Ethos advise Premier Group (Brait Holding) on flotation on JSE

After cancelling due to adverse market conditions in December 2022, Premier Group’s IPO is back on on...

Stock exchange

22/02/2023 at 18h45, by Africa Business+

Asafo & Co and Herbert Smith advise LBOF Securities International on acquisition of shares in Fal family’s CFG Bourse

Asafo & Co, founded and managed by Pascal Agboyibor, mobilised its Abidjan team for this transaction.

Stock exchange

12/01/2023 at 15h32, by Africa Business+

Musical chairs at NSIA Finance 

The brokerage company of the Ivorian bancassurance group has a new central director, Gomez Konan. The...

Stock exchange

11/10/2022 at 17h18, by Africa Business+

BVMAC : Yaoundé and Bangui designate publicly owned companies for listing 

After a delay, Cameroon has chosen four companies and the Central African Republic three to join the...

Stock exchange

28/02/2022 at 15h08, by Africa Business+

SCG Ré picks BGFIBourse and Africa Bright for BVMAC listing

The two brokerage firms were selected on 11 February following a call for tenders to assist the Gabonese...

Stock exchange

30/07/2021 at 13h34, by Africa Business+

Stock exchange

19/07/2021 at 19h22, by Africa Business+

Securities & Trading Technology wins Stock Exchange of Mauritius contract ahead of Motran

The South African company was declared the winner of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) capacity...


01/07/2021 at 17h21, by Africa Business+

Moneim Boussarsar selects BNA Capitaux to list STA on the Tunis Stock Exchange

The stock market intermediary BNA Capitaux, a subsidiary of the state-controlled Banque Nationale Agricole...

Stock exchange

22/06/2021 at 16h49, by Africa Business+

Fal family members pack Board of CGF Bourse

The independent Senegalese SGI, founded by the late banker Gabriel Fal and chaired by Eveline Tall since...

Stock exchange

16/03/2021 at 16h25, by Gaëlle Arenson

Liquid Telecom CFO Kate Hennessy talks about the benefits of an IPO

Liquid Telecom Group’s Chief Financial Officer for more than 12 years, the accountant spoke on a panel...

Stock exchange

21/01/2021 at 16h24, by Tarik Bargal

Nigerian Stock Exchange and World Bank initiate legal defence in African ETF suit

In an extraordinary case, an Exchange Traded Funds/ETF financial investment advisor is taking an African...

Stock exchange

13/01/2021 at 12h06, by Omer Mbadi

Brazzaville unveils a quartet for the BVMAC listing

The incumbent telephone operator, a water utility and two electricity utilities are on the list the...

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