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18/10/2021 at 16h03, by Africa Business+

New technologies

18/10/2021 at 15h50, by Africa Business+

Yves Eonnet rebrands TagPay fintech as Skaleet

The banking systems provider has rebranded the fintech to reflect the company’s ambitions, which is now...


15/10/2021 at 15h51, by Africa Business+

Airtel Africa moves headquarters to Dubai

According to Africa Business+, the African branch of the Indian group, established in Nairobi since its...

Executive Management

11/10/2021 at 17h06, by Africa Business+

How Safaricom Ethiopia built consortium team

The consortium made several key appointments over the summer with a balance of Vodacom, Safaricom and...

New technologies

06/10/2021 at 15h59, by Africa Business+

Mauritania: double coup for Mohamed Zein El Abidine, head of the employers’ association 

The president of the National Union of Mauritanian Employers (UNPM) has just signed two contracts, in...

Telecoms & Media

06/10/2021 at 15h44, by Africa Business+

Sipromad’s Thomson Broadcast to start production of TV transmitters in US 

The subsidiary of Ylias Akbaraly’s Madagascan group is working in parallel on expanding its operations...


05/10/2021 at 16h44, by Africa Business+

Bola Bardet to launch Susu in three new countries by year-end

The digital health financing service wants to expand its customer portfolio with many openings in the...


04/10/2021 at 16h11, by Africa Business+

Hassanein Hiridjee’s Axian opens in Abidjan to target West Africa 

The Malagasy group is launching an Ivorian subsidiary and keeping the sub-region in its sights. 

New technologies

01/10/2021 at 17h04, by Africa Business+

ARMP rules in favour of Emile Bola’s Hologram Identification Services against Kinshasa

The Congolese leader in biometric identification applications had been in the running since February...


01/10/2021 at 15h56, by Africa Business+

Who advised Network on $288 million takeover of Direct Pay Online Group

The UAE-based payments company takes control of the South African entity whose portfolio covers 19 African...


30/09/2021 at 14h57, by Africa Business+

AFR-IX launches major trans-Mediterranean cables project with EIB

The European institution is preparing to inject half of the financial backing required for the project...

New technologies

29/09/2021 at 12h19, by Africa Business+

Ange Kacou Diagou takes NSIA Technologies out of the family group with New Digital Africa,

As anticipated by Jeune Afrique Business+ back in June 2020, the youngest of the financial siblings wants...

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