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27/01/2023 at 16h46, by Africa Business+

IFC injects $40 million into MNT Investments BV to grow MNT-Halan

The new equity investment will support the growth of Dutch company MNT Investments BV, which operates...


26/01/2023 at 16h18, by Africa Business+

Telecoms : VEON in negotiations with Ooredoo  

An exclusive from Africa Business+. 


26/01/2023 at 04h03, by Africa Business+

Niger : Zamani Telecom back up for sale 

In 2022, Zamani Telecom shareholders entered into exclusive negotiations with the Axian Group but failed...

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24/01/2023 at 15h51, by Africa Business+


23/01/2023 at 15h28, by Africa Business+

DR Congo : former Eaton Towers duo seeks $200 million for telecom towers

Having attracted investors such as AIIM and Adenia, Eastcastle Infrastructure is now seeking debt financing. 

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20/01/2023 at 16h28, by Africa Business+

Mahindra Group’s Yabx acquisition plans for East Africa

The Indian group plans to open new offices on the continent and strengthen its position in the microfinance...


12/01/2023 at 18h28, by Africa Business+

After success with Endeavour Mining, VoltVision takes mine power analysis to Anglo American

The innovative British start-up, based in Johannesburg, is developing a digital real-time data analytics...


10/01/2023 at 17h11, by Africa Business+

CNPS acquires at least CFAF50 billion shares in Orange Côte d’Ivoire 

Under the leadership of Denis Charles Kouassi since 2019, the Ivorian National Social Security Fund (CNPS)...

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10/01/2023 at 14h22, by Quentin Velluet

Ghana’s Jetstream raises $13 million for West African expansion 

The Ghanaian logistics platform, targeting French-speaking West Africa, has raised more than $16 million...

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06/01/2023 at 16h07, by Africa Business+


05/01/2023 at 17h55, by Africa Business+

CAMTEL CEO Judith Yah Sunday to raise more €80 million from banking pool

The objective is to invest this year in deploying fibre optics and the mobile access network. The incumbent...

Telecoms & Media

04/01/2023 at 16h50, by Africa Business+

Moktar Tabouri – formerly with Orange – heads GVA in DR Congo 

The former deputy director of broadband at Orange Côte d’Ivoire took up his new post in November. 

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