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21/10/2021 at 15h31, by Africa Business+

Zouheir Jorio heads Moov Africa Gabon Telecom

An exclusive with Africa Business+.


19/10/2021 at 18h02, by Africa Business+

A trio of executives at the head of the Orange Digital Center in Abidjan

This is the 8th data centre on the continent and in the Middle East. The French group plans to open 18...


19/10/2021 at 17h35, by Africa Business+

Sonatel & Orange excluded from Mattel Mauritania takeover

The French operator and its West African branch have failed to extend its network in Mauritania. 


18/10/2021 at 16h03, by Africa Business+


15/10/2021 at 15h51, by Africa Business+

Airtel Africa moves headquarters to Dubai

According to Africa Business+, the African branch of the Indian group, established in Nairobi since its...

Executive Management

11/10/2021 at 17h06, by Africa Business+

How Safaricom Ethiopia built consortium team

The consortium made several key appointments over the summer with a balance of Vodacom, Safaricom and...


04/10/2021 at 16h11, by Africa Business+

Hassanein Hiridjee’s Axian opens in Abidjan to target West Africa 

The Malagasy group is launching an Ivorian subsidiary and keeping the sub-region in its sights. 


30/09/2021 at 14h57, by Africa Business+

AFR-IX launches major trans-Mediterranean cables project with EIB

The European institution is preparing to inject half of the financial backing required for the project...


27/09/2021 at 17h24, by Africa Business+

Gide and Trinity advise Aktivco on greening telecom towers

The €60 million loan package includes the AfDB and several European DFIs, including Proparco, to convert...


24/09/2021 at 16h28, by Africa Business+

Sama Money to launch in Burundi 

The mobile money service launched in Mali in 2019 is preparing for not one but two launches before the...


17/09/2021 at 17h03, by Africa Business+

Hints of probable IHS Towers IPO

One year after mentioning the project, IHS is one step closer to an IPO by publishing its prospectus...


08/09/2021 at 16h08, by Africa Business+

Mauritius: Devas seeks to hold India to account in $112m arbitration ruling 

The company had its contract cancelled by the Indian government in 2011. Since then, the legal proceedings...

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