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05/01/2023 at 17h55, by Africa Business+

CAMTEL CEO Judith Yah Sunday to raise more €80 million from banking pool

The objective is to invest this year in deploying fibre optics and the mobile access network. The incumbent...


08/12/2022 at 19h03, by Africa Business+

Orange CI: KSK Société d’avocats and EDC Investment Corp assist IPO

More details from Africa Business+ on the 9.95% of the operator’s capital on sale since 5 December.


29/11/2022 at 17h38, by Africa Business+

Sonema acquired by German operator Media Broadcast Satellite GmbH

Based in Monaco and focused on Africa, the professional satellite communication network operator retains...


11/11/2022 at 15h47, by Africa Business+

Néné Maïga launches Orange’s first African 5G network in Botswana

Having taken the lead in the Botswana market, the telecoms operator went live with 5G on 11 November....


08/11/2022 at 15h27, by Africa Business+

MIGA guarantees Safaricom’s $1.23 billion project in Ethiopia

With the support of the International Development Association (IDA), the World Bank’s guarantee fund...


26/10/2022 at 16h24, by Africa Business+

Telecom towers: Energy Vision seeks funding for continental expansion 

The developer of power solutions for telecom towers in Africa is seeking tens of millions of dollars. 


19/10/2022 at 17h34, by Africa Business+

Orange Côte d’Ivoire : listing on BRVM attracts strong interest from CGRAE and CNPS

The entry of the telecommunications giant Orange Côte d’Ivoire on the regional stock exchange Bourse...


18/10/2022 at 14h50, by Africa Business+

Benin’s SBIN launches Celtiis, a new mobile services offering

Exclusive information from Africa Business+.


30/09/2022 at 17h03, by Africa Business+

Orange receives a $72 million MIGA guarantee for Liberia expansion

The cover is for the bulk of the capital investments the French telecoms group made in Liberia from...


23/09/2022 at 15h49, by Africa Business+

Orange contracted NuRAN seeks funds for hundreds of towers in DR Congo and Cameroon

The Canadian telecom infrastructure provider, which specialises in rural areas, is seeking to finance...


23/09/2022 at 14h01, by Africa Business+

Orange Côte d’Ivoire acquires minority interest in West African fintech Green-Pay

Pending its listing on the Regional Securities Exchange (BRVM) in Abidjan before the end of this year,...


08/09/2022 at 20h03, by Africa Business+

Ethiopia : STE sets sights on a 160-million $ cheque at the start of its funding round

The operator appointed to rival Ethio Telecom seeks financial backers to tackle the colossal East-African...

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