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22/09/2023 at 15h05, by Africa Business+

Alan Pullinger awaits major financial package for FirstRand

The head of South Africa’s second-largest bank intends to inject $400 million into renewable energy...


20/09/2023 at 13h53, by Africa Business+

Finance: Fidelis Finance chief Abdoulaye Sory seeks CFAF 15bn on regional financial market

According to Africa Business+ sources, the head of Burkina Faso’s leading leasing company has appointed Impaxis...


12/09/2023 at 22h04, by Africa Business+

Aïda Diarra and Leïla Serhan, Visa pilots in Africa

Both vice-presidents of the American credit card group, they share the management of the continent’s...


29/08/2023 at 15h36, by Africa Business+

Afriland launches arbitration against DR Congo

Kinshasa had placed the bank’s local subsidiary under provisional administration last year, following...


28/08/2023 at 15h30, by Africa Business+

RD Congo/New development bank: Ministry of Finance releases funds for FINACTU mission 

Under consideration for several years, creating a development bank to meet the loan needs of economic...


24/08/2023 at 17h04, by Africa Business+


22/08/2023 at 17h07, by Africa Business+

Jacques-Gaëtan Tobo positions himself as a pioneer of neo-finance with ADEC  

According to Africa Business+ sources, the former head of Cofina in Gabon, Jacques-Gaëtan Tobo, and...


22/08/2023 at 16h53, by Africa Business+

Takeover of Oragroup: Deloitte’s armada mobilised to support Simon Tiemtoré (Lilium Capital) 

According to Africa Business+ sources, two Parisian firms assisted the head of the investment fund with...


22/08/2023 at 16h44, by Africa Business+

Who does Apollinaire Compaoré entrust with commanding its subsidiaries?  

The Burkina Faso tycoon, owner of the Planor Afrique group, counts on a handful of loyal followers to...


27/07/2023 at 14h53, by Africa Business+

Egypt: World Bank continues to support Al Baraka Bank 

In the wake of several currency devaluations, the country’s weak banks have sought funding from international...


26/07/2023 at 16h06, by Africa Business+

Banking: Apollinaire Compaoré expands Wendkuni Bank business

According to Africa Business+, the head of the Planor Afrique group in Burkina Faso is to open branches...


26/07/2023 at 14h56, by Africa Business+

Sofia Mansouri becomes CEO of Red Med Corporate Finance

The investment bank founded by Abdeslam Ababou, which specialises in financial advisory services and...

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