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Renewable energies

19/10/2021 at 17h03, by Africa Business+

Solar: d.light investors return to the table with $15 million

The lighting systems supplier has attracted several financial backers.


15/10/2021 at 11h47, by Africa Business+

Cegelec returns to the forefront of the Laayoune electrification project

The Vinci Energies subsidiary has won the turnkey contract to extend the 400/225 kV substation in Laayoune...


14/10/2021 at 13h25, by Africa Business+

Youssef Omaïs’ Patisen signs on for clean energy with GreenYellow

The Senegalese food company has agreed on a first solar plant with the subsidiary of the Casino group.


13/10/2021 at 16h51, by Christelle Marot

André Mounif plants flag in Africa for STOA Infra & Energy

This new regional office, located in Nairobi and housed in Proparco and AFD, will cover the East African...

Bank & Insurance

13/10/2021 at 15h55, by Olivier Caslin

Z/Yen’s Michael Mainelli and Naisbitt King Asset’s Alastair Naisbitt scout Djibouti

This is the first time that the UK has sent a formal parliamentary and business delegation to Djibouti.

Renewable energies

12/10/2021 at 19h30, by Africa Business+

AF Power sets sights on Chad

After Zimbabwe, the Singapore-based company is continuing its solar energy development in Africa, in...

Renewable energies

12/10/2021 at 18h50, by Africa Business+

Qair and STOA’s Mihia platform invests €50 million in solar power plants in Burkina

The holding company Make it Happen in Africa (Mihia) is 51% owned by the French independent renewable...


11/10/2021 at 17h38, by Africa Business+

Renewvia off-grid sector targets 150 installations in Nigeria with Claritas’ backing

The American developer has received $10 million in new financing and is working on new installations.


04/10/2021 at 16h11, by Africa Business+

Hassanein Hiridjee’s Axian opens in Abidjan to target West Africa 

The Malagasy group is launching an Ivorian subsidiary and keeping the sub-region in its sights. 


30/09/2021 at 15h31, by Africa Business+

Nouakchott allocates $71 million to modernise Somelec

The authorities are preparing a substantial budget and calling for tenders to rehabilitate power stations...

Executive Management

29/09/2021 at 18h19, by Africa Business+

The team behind ambitious Xlinks and former Tesco CEO Sir Dave Lewis

The British firm plans to build the world’s longest power cable, linking Morocco and the UK. 


23/09/2021 at 16h54, by Africa Business+

CGC and Fabrilec/Bacorex selected to electrify 220 municipalities in Niger 

The two companies were awarded the contracts as part of the West African Power Pool (WAPP) project, budgeted...

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