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Public decision maker

11/05/2022 at 15h23, by Africa Business+

Lottery: Intralot scores partial victory over Sisal in Moroccan €25 million dispute

The Greek group won a partial victory in its case, forcing its Italian replacement to stop operating...

Public decision maker

05/05/2022 at 18h17, by Africa Business+

Rigobert Roger Andely working on sustainable refinancing of oil debt

After restructuring Congo’s previous debt against its crude oil production at the end of January, as...

Public decision maker

02/05/2022 at 16h50, by Africa Business+

Millennium Challenge Corp: who is Joel Johnson of FGH, the new DR Congo lobbyist?

Finance Minister Nicolas Kazadi is sparing no effort to advance the DRC’s application to the US anti-poverty...

Public decision maker

19/04/2022 at 14h15, by Africa Business+

Ukrainian crisis forces Côte d’Ivoire to drop €761 million Eurobond

The repercussions of the war in Ukraine on the dollar and euro exchange rates have forced Côte d’Ivoire...

Public decision maker

04/04/2022 at 16h31, by Africa Business+

Togo: Sani Yaya negotiates new $300 million IMF support

Togo’s Minister of Economy and Finance is currently in discussions with the International Monetary Fund...

Public decision maker

18/03/2022 at 16h32, by Africa Business+


09/03/2022 at 17h46, by Africa Business+

Laure Olga Gondjout expands activities in Côte d’Ivoire, including gaming and gold sales

The former Gabonese minister is piloting two new companies in the country that has welcomed her since...

Public decision maker

25/02/2022 at 16h02, by Africa Business+

Averda seeks $30 million for recycling solutions

The Lebanese group is chasing international funding to launch new facilities on the continent. 

New technologies

17/02/2022 at 17h51, by Africa Business+

Harare chooses Armenian IUNetworks over Sogema for tax reform programme

For its first contract in Africa, the digital solutions specialist has beaten its Canadian competitor,...


11/02/2022 at 17h24, by Africa Business+

Taazour invests $10 million to electrify 14 rural localities in Mauritania

Headed by the Mauritanian presidency, the administration will finance three sub-projects in an area usually...

New technologies

09/02/2022 at 18h06, by Africa Business+

Djibouti: Bodeh Ahmed Robleh contracts Sogema to modernise tax collection

A small revolution is about to occur in the country with the end of paper-based tax collection. 


03/02/2022 at 15h05, by Africa Business+

CEO Adel Grar: “No sale of Carthage Cement before 2023”

Adel Grar, CEO of the al-Karama holding, which manages companies confiscated after the revolution, revealed...

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