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04/05/2023 at 14h40, by Africa Business+

Frédéric Giancarli from Clifford and Karim El Alaoui from Derenia advise Vantage Capital on €30m entry into Promanec

Contacted by Africa Business+, Luc Albinski, executive chairman of Vantage Capital, confirmed the finalisation...


03/05/2023 at 16h40, by Africa Business+

Abidjan: Tunisian higher education institution Esprit to open in the Ivorian economic capital this fall

Under Tarak Ben Lakhdar, the private higher education group Esprit is in the final stages of its project...


25/04/2023 at 14h14, by Africa Business+

Nutriset and Mérieux entity Safir takes 25% share in Ethiopian Bless Agri-Food Laboratory Services 

This first participation of Société d’appui au financement d’investissements responsables (Safir) in...

Employment & training

04/04/2023 at 16h35, by Africa Business+

OCP Foundation: what will the billion euros injected into UM6P be used for? 

Chaired by Mostafa Terrab, the OCP Foundation has again recapitalised the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University...


07/03/2023 at 18h59, by Africa Business+

Abidjan: Institut Pasteur contractors excluded from Ivorian tenders for two years

Having failed to deliver the complex on time, the French trio has been severely sanctioned by the local...


04/03/2023 at 16h32, by Africa Business+

Health: USA support strengthens Helium Health’s loan offer 

Initially specialising in providing software for healthcare institutions, the Nigerian start-up is diversifying...


01/03/2023 at 19h47, by Africa Business+

Helios Investment Partners’ T2S, Medexel and Scrim to equip the University Hospital of Agadir 

The Moroccan Ministry of Health is entering the final stage of the massive project of the University...

Employment & training

25/01/2023 at 17h18, by Africa Business+

AfricSearch President Didier Acouetey ready to open Kenya office

Africa’s leading recruitment company continues its continental conquest after marking 2021 with an alliance...


19/01/2023 at 16h45, by Africa Business+


04/01/2023 at 17h09, by Africa Business+

Morocco : Ilyas El Harti appointed deputy general manager of Akdital 

According to Africa Business+ sources, Ilyas El Harti, the director of the finance and support division...


14/12/2022 at 18h05, by Africa Business+

Côme Vercken, CFAO : “Health54 aims for 15 investments in two years”

The head of CFAO Healthcare’s new investment vehicle provides details of whom it targets: young, innovative...

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