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Air transport

27/06/2022 at 16h01, by Africa Business+

Aviation Egis COO Frédéric Mor : « We are targeting medium-sized airports with less than five million passengers »

In French-speaking, southern and English-speaking Africa, the French engineering company is seeking to...

Air transport

23/06/2022 at 16h48, by Africa Business+

Royal Air Maroc files suit against two airport handling companies

The state-owned carrier accused the companies of damaging one of its aircraft and is seeking to recover...

Air transport

20/06/2022 at 14h44, by Africa Business+

Agil and Trafigura’s Puma join Cepsa, OLA Energy and Total in supplying Mauritania Airlines International

The Tunisian and the Beninese join the trio in supplying aircraft fuel to the national company for one...

Air transport

15/06/2022 at 17h38, by Africa Business+

Consultant Alexei Kharlamov appointed Director of Transformation at Royal Air Maroc

A few months after reshuffling the staff of Royal Air Maroc, Abdelhamid Addou has again made significant...

Air transport

13/06/2022 at 16h20, by Africa Business+

Abdelhamid Addou’s new staff to get Royal Air Maroc off the ground

In a great game of musical chairs, 41 managers have been appointed by CEO Abdelhamid Addou in recent...

Air transport

24/05/2022 at 16h09, by Africa Business+

Air transport

18/05/2022 at 13h39, by Africa Business+

Afrijet to open regional routes to Nigeria and DR Congo

The Libreville-based airline, managed by Marc Gaffajoli, intends to develop its regional network by offering...

Air transport

09/05/2022 at 17h37, by Africa Business+

Airline: Mohamed Ould Biyah (Mauritania Airlines) secures fuel from Ola Energy, Cepsa and Total  

The CEO of the state-owned airline has agreed to pay $5.6 million to secure a smooth relaunch of the...

Air transport

02/05/2022 at 17h02, by Africa Business+

EBOMAF’s Liza Transport and the Aga Khan’s IPS-WA considering Air Burkina after dismissal of its CEO

Colonel Blaise Sanou was dismissed last week after being accused of mismanagement. The Burkinabe Minister...

Air transport

27/04/2022 at 15h29, by Africa Business+

After Joburg, Asky Airlines plans flights to Luanda, Nouakchott and Nairobi next June

After two years of inactivity due to the pandemic closure of air borders and the lack of passengers because...

Air transport

07/04/2022 at 14h23, by Africa Business+

Esayas Woldemariam tipped to lead Asky

Details from Africa Business+.

Air transport

30/03/2022 at 14h38, by Africa Business+

Sale to lease back: Tunisair recovers $40 million out of a total of $100 million

The transition to the leasing of the latest Airbus aircraft allows the public company to regain liquidity,...

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