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Air transport

12/09/2023 at 13h58, by Africa Business+

Handling at Blaise Diagne International Airport: Dakar is looking for a candidate to take over Summa’s and Limak’s stakes in 2AS

Acquired by Air Senegal, two Turkish companies’ shares in the Dakar airport handling company are not...

Air transport

21/08/2023 at 15h16, by Africa Business+

Sena Agbayissah and Aquereburu advise Togo in Asky acquisition stake

On Monday, 21 August 2023, the Togolese government acquired a stake in the airline. This new shareholder...

Air transport

28/07/2023 at 16h31, by Africa Business+

Renovating airports in DR Congo: India’s Kamal Rawtani steps on the toes of Chinese groups

Kinshasa continues its efforts to renovate its airports and has chosen an Indian businessman who is...

Air transport

26/07/2023 at 15h57, by Africa Business+

Vinci backed by Orrick for Cape Verde airport contract

Led by Yves Lepage, the Paris office of the law firm is assisting the French group with the largest...

Air transport

19/07/2023 at 16h15, by Africa Business+

Air Senegal seeks third wide-body aircraft 

According to Africa Business+, the airline is considering a long-term lease contract to bolster its...

Air transport

17/07/2023 at 10h47, by Africa Business+

Asky to drop Servair and ST Handling in Lomé 

The airline intends to take over the handling and catering services from next year. 

Air transport

06/07/2023 at 15h23, by Africa Business+

Aviation fuel: Janita Naidoo and Teodora Tinkova head SkyFuelH2 (Sasol-Uniper)

The two women are leading the first large-scale project in Sweden to produce sustainable fuel for the...

Air transport

15/06/2023 at 13h48, by Africa Business+

Egis contract renewed for two years at Conakry airport 

According to information obtained by Africa Business+, the Société de gestion et d’exploitation de l’aéroport...

Air transport

05/06/2023 at 14h07, by Africa Business+

Air transport

02/06/2023 at 15h22, by Africa Business+

Algeria’s Chakib Ziani secures funding for low-cost airline Fly Westaf

Funding, regulation, advice, fleet – find out more with Africa Business+.

Air transport

02/06/2023 at 14h59, by Africa Business+

Jean-Claude Maillard, CEO of Figeac Aéro: “Morocco will account for around 50% of production under the new contract with Safran”

The French manufacturer, based in Figeac, has just signed a new €80 million contract with Safran Nacelles...

Air transport

01/06/2023 at 17h56, by Africa Business+

Luanda’s new airport: Ricardo Viegas de Abreu prepares tender

The Angolan Minister of Transport is drawing up the tender for the concession contract that will govern...

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