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07/07/2022 at 16h57, by Africa Business+

Bujumbura relaunches $18 million Rwandan-Burundian interconnection with Transrail Lighting and Hanbaek

The interconnection project, initially scheduled to be delivered in 2016, has finally begun.


05/07/2022 at 14h14, by Africa Business+

Baobab+ secures $5 million from impact investor Symbiotics

The company, co-founded in 2015 by Alexandre Coster and specialising in selling solar kits in Africa...


14/06/2022 at 19h13, by Africa Business+

Segor and SOMEDEN take over €30.15 million operation of ONAS pumping stations

The two companies, supported respectively by the French giants Suez and Veolia, continue their offensive...


25/05/2022 at 18h24, by Africa Business+

Electricity: Kalpataru joins Elecnor/Siemens-Gamesa on a Mauritanian project

Having delivered the Nouakchott-Nouadhibou power interconnection, the Bombay National Stock Exchange-listed...


24/05/2022 at 15h58, by Africa Business+

Jean-Françis Tchekpo endorses Geci, SOGETEC, East India, Wasion for Benin electrification project

The head of the Beninese Agency for Rural Electrification and Energy Management (ABERME) approved a new...


02/05/2022 at 15h03, by Africa Business+

GasMeth CEO Stephen Tierney raises $310 million for Lake Kivu project

The former director of Accugas has raised funds to begin the first phase of his ambitious gas extraction...


30/03/2022 at 17h23, by Africa Business+

Patrick Eeckelers appointed to sort out Eneo’s finances

The Belgian was promoted director-general of the energy company during a board meeting on 30 March in...


21/03/2022 at 16h41, by Africa Business+

Sagemcom, Itron, Siemens and Efluid work on Tunisia’s €78 million smart grid

The European multinational, the US-listed group, and the German and French groups will deploy smart meters...


01/03/2022 at 17h35, by Africa Business+

Ould Bedda contracts JA Delmas and works towards Somelec rebound

To revive the Mauritanian Electricity Company (Somelec), its CEO, Cheikh Abdellahi Ould Bedda, is acquiring...


21/02/2022 at 17h02, by Africa Business+

Guinea-Mali Interconnection: Ibrahima Diawara’s Builders, CWE and Soguim sweep the board against Cegelec and El-Sewedy 

The Malian businessman’s company, a Chinese giant and a consortium were declared the winners of the construction...


15/02/2022 at 16h32, by Africa Business+

Niger: Voltalia, GreenYellow and Elsewedy on top again with World Bank

After Côte d’Ivoire, the trio is again among those who pre-qualified for the World Bank’s Scaling Solar...


11/02/2022 at 17h24, by Africa Business+

Taazour invests $10 million to electrify 14 rural localities in Mauritania

Headed by the Mauritanian presidency, the administration will finance three sub-projects in an area usually...

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