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New technologies

05/10/2022 at 15h29, by Africa Business+

Congo-B : SUMEC beats compatriots to build $14 m national data centre

Brazzaville is continuing its efforts to reduce the high cost of telecommunications in the region through...

New technologies

04/10/2022 at 16h32, by Africa Business+

French company Prooftag enters the civil status market in Chad

The company, founded in 2007 in Montauban, specialises in the protection of trademarks and their authentication,...

New technologies

04/10/2022 at 16h28, by Africa Business+

A reconfigured Digital Africa heads Fuzé fund

The former association launched by Emmanuel Macron has become a public limited company with Proparco...

New technologies

29/09/2022 at 16h18, by Africa Business+

Ismael Belkhayat and Sophia Alj : « We have already secured €15 million »

The two founders of Chari are halfway through a €30 million Series A round. 

New technologies

29/09/2022 at 16h02, by Africa Business+

Franck Kié heads up Kaydan Digital and targets data centre market in Côte d’Ivoire

The young subsidiary of the Côte d’Ivoire real estate group wants to take advantage of the rapidly growing...

New technologies

19/09/2022 at 22h28, by Africa Business+

Legrand launches its smart solutions in Ouagadougou with its sights on Dakar and Abidjan

The French brand is set to launch its smart home solutions (surveillance cameras, connected door entry...

New technologies

14/09/2022 at 20h35, by Africa Business+

Omondi Ochieng, TeamApt : « We want to become a banking platform for businesses »

Director of corporate finance at the payments specialist startup describes the latest funding round and...

New technologies

13/09/2022 at 07h40, by Africa Business+

New Digital Africa prepares to land in Central Africa next year

The company, a spin off from the NSIA group and piloted by the son of Jean Kacou Diagou, aims to establish...

New technologies

05/09/2022 at 18h11, by Africa Business+

Tunisian iCompass seeks to close a series A by the end of 2022

iCompass offers solutions for processing African and Arabic languages and dialects based on artificial...

New technologies

02/09/2022 at 17h38, by Valentin Grille

DE-CIX CEO Ivo Ivanov : “we want to serve 500 million people in Africa”

The recently promoted CEO of the internet exchange point provider describes the reasons for his group’s...

New technologies

02/09/2022 at 16h40, by Africa Business+

Meridiam engages MIGA for data centre investments

In partnership with a US fund to develop data centres in Africa, the French investor is taking precautions. 

Bank & Insurance

26/08/2022 at 16h55, by Africa Business+

TerraPay prepares a new round of financing after attracting Partech and Prime Ventures

The fintech specialising in money transfers wants to continue its expansion in emerging markets.

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