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New technologies

29/09/2023 at 17h11, by Aurelie Benoit

DPI backs fintech Ukheshe EFT Corporation takeover

Five years after its creation, the South African start-up is absorbing its counterpart – in business...

New technologies

28/09/2023 at 15h22, by Africa Business+

Google: Alex Okosi oversees three leaders with very different backgrounds

Alex Okosi takes over from Nitin Gajria as head of Google Africa 

New technologies

22/09/2023 at 15h01, by Africa Business+

Fabrice Epstein advisor to Anka in latest €5m IFC financing round

The lawyer from Saul Associés has been working with the company, chaired by Moulaye Tabouré, since its...

New technologies

13/09/2023 at 21h42, by Africa Business+

New technologies

08/09/2023 at 16h02, by Africa Business+

Grégoire de Padirac replaces Isadora Bigourdan as head of Digital Africa

The former co-manager of Orange Ventures will be responsible for guaranteeing the stability of this...

New technologies

04/09/2023 at 17h13, by Africa Business+

New technologies

29/08/2023 at 15h31, by Africa Business+

New technologies

25/08/2023 at 16h24, by Africa Business+

Land transport

18/08/2023 at 16h43, by Africa Business+

Electric motorbike company Spiro in talks to raise equity

The African electric mobility specialist – formerly M Auto Electric Bikes – is talking to several potential...

New technologies

30/06/2023 at 16h08, by Africa Business+

Ismael Belkhayat and Sophia Alj woo Japanese-Nigerian fund Verod-Kepple

A few months after convincing Orange Ventures, the duo at the helm of Chari have just negotiated the...

New technologies

29/06/2023 at 12h53, by Africa Business+

Mauritania: EY, Deloitte and PwC compete to help central bank with digital financial services

The Mauritanian government is seeking to regulate the online payments sector better.

Large-scale distribution

14/06/2023 at 17h15, by Africa Business+

Mitsui seeks $50 million to back Kenyan B2B startup Kyosk 

After taking a minority stake in the startup launched by one of Jumia’s co-founders last April, the...

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