Latest News Renewable energies

Renewable energies

16/05/2022 at 16h20, by Africa Business+

LIFI-LED’s Ange Frédérick Balma seeks €15 million for manufacture unit in Cote d’Ivoire

The 44-year-old local entrepreneur, who harnesses LiFi technology to light up and connect villages, wants...

Renewable energies

13/05/2022 at 15h30, by Africa Business+

Toyota Ventures backs Brilliant Planet CO2 storage units launching in 2024 in Morocco

The British company recently raised $12 million to set up an algae production plant in the Sahara desert...


11/05/2022 at 15h32, by Africa Business+

Onhym and Managem in the running for energy transition metals

At the Investing in African Mining Indaba this week in Cape Town, the energy transition and its key metals...

Renewable energies

03/05/2022 at 16h15, by Africa Business+

ENGIE Energy Access: Philippe Robert called to Kampala to repeat Benin’s success

The French managing director is flying to Kampala after deploying ENGIE solutions on a large scale in...


02/05/2022 at 15h03, by Africa Business+

GasMeth CEO Stephen Tierney raises $310 million for Lake Kivu project

The former director of Accugas has raised funds to begin the first phase of his ambitious gas extraction...

Renewable energies

29/04/2022 at 14h09, by Africa Business+

Voltalia in discussion with local players to finance solar projects in Morocco

The group backed by the Mulliez family is working on financing its project after winning a call for tenders...

Renewable energies

14/04/2022 at 17h07, by Africa Business+

Mauritania: Elecnor/Siemens-Gamesa sign $21 million rider for Boulenouar power plant

The Spanish-German duo had its mandate extended on the 100 MW wind farm with a connection to the Nouakchott-Nouadhibou...


08/04/2022 at 15h27, by Africa Business+

Moroccan Noor Ouarzazate solar power plants raise €52 million to avoid bankruptcy

Minority shareholders are converting credit lines into shares to bring the companies operating the 430...


07/04/2022 at 16h59, by Africa Business+

Séché Environnement boosts revenues in Africa with Sasol, TotalEnergies, Eni, ArcelorMittal and Saint Gobain

Africa Business+ spoke to Nicolas Rogeau, director of international development for the French family-owned...

Renewable energies

30/03/2022 at 14h51, by Africa Business+

VSB France brings in Mauritian fund for Tunisian renewable energy projects

The subsidiary of the German group wants to limit its country risk on a wind farm and another solar farm...

Renewable energies

22/03/2022 at 16h46, by Africa Business+

Morocco’s 150 MW Noor III solar power plant shut down continues

Morocco is struggling to repair the damage that hit the power station during a tense electricity crisis.

New technologies

09/03/2022 at 17h56, by Africa Business+

Sunrise Fund MD Éric Pol nears final closing on hybrid vehicle

The executive intends to raise €30 million for a fund that simultaneously targets electrification and...

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