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30/10/2019 at 13h47, by Africa Business+

Safaricom finds Peter Ndegwa, its Kenyan treasure, at Diageo

The Nairobi government, which holds a third of the capital of the East African telecoms leader, insisted...


30/10/2019 at 09h41, by Africa Business+

IHS Towers appoints Jeb Bush

IHS Holding Limited, parent company of IHS Towers, has appointed to its Board of Directors as a Non-Executive...


28/10/2019 at 13h50, by Gaëlle Arenson

Disposal of Orange Niger: minority shareholders Mohamed Rissa and Moctar Thiam eliminate Telecel

According to Jeune Afrique Business+, Orange has ultimately decided to enter into negotiations with its...


14/10/2019 at 15h43, by Africa Business+

Groupe Vivendi Afrique wins licence to roll out fibre optic broadband in Burkina

Burkina’s telecoms regulator (ARCEP) cleared the ground for this deal in a decision issued by its Chairman,...


27/09/2019 at 15h41, by Africa Business+

Orange Liberia rages against higher phone charges

Jeune Afrique Business+ sources reveal that Orange’s local subsidiary is engaged in a show of strength...


25/09/2019 at 16h23, by Africa Business+

Orange hooks up with the New Silk Road to improve service in the Indian Ocean

Orange and the Hong Kong group Hengtong Optic-Electric have signed a partnership for a 15,000-km fibre-optic...


30/08/2019 at 16h36, by Tarik Yanmi

Veon delists GTH from the Cairo Stock Exchange to cut its tax bill (after a $588m buy-back offer)

With its controlling stake of more than 98% of ordinary shares, Veon secured shareholder approval on...

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